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Concentrate on day-to-day business and manage your cashflow on our platform.

Secure financial liquidity

Cleverpaid started with a mission: to simplify cashflow management in logistics. You can now collect payments when you accpet an order or when you issue an invoice.

Finance your order and use an advance to deliver the job
Finance your invoice and collect the payment in just a few hours
Risk management

Select the right partners to work with. With Cleverpaid, you can check the credit score of your customer before you accept an order. With one click.

Invoicing and document management

Everything in one place: orders, waybills, invoices… Issue and store all documents securely in a digital cloud.

Collections and dunning

Stop worrying about late payments. Transfer your invoice to Cleverpaid, we take care of the rest!

Financing options

Order financing
Reduce your working capital needs.
From 2,49%
Check the credit score of your customer
Receive 50% advance to pay for fuel and toll
Collect the balance upon delivery
Manage all documents on our digital platform
Finance your order now
Invoice financing
Set your own payment terms.
From 1,99%
Collect money when you issue invoices
Protect yourself from late payments and defaults
Simplify cash flow management
Accept more orders and grow your business
Finance your invoice now

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