Secure a pole position in the market.

With cleverpaid on your side, you can build stronger business relationships with your subcontractors.

Pay faster than your competitors.

With our white-label solutions you can pay carriers early and directly from your system.

Become a trusted partner
Without using your own cash
Loyal partners

Your subcontractors need money to cover costs of the delivery. Build long term relationships and become their trusted partner.

Save your cash

Cleverpaid provides the working capital. Pay carriers when they need the money at no extra cost.

Risk management

Check the performance score of your subcontractors and select partners who deliver your orders on time.

Your white label options

Our platform
Completely in your design.
Connect to cleverpaid frontend online
Design the platform in your style
Maintain control over payment terms
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Full integration
Directly into your system.
Connect to cleverpaid backend via simple API
Integrate the platform to your ERP, TMS or FMS
Maintain control over payment terms
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Using cleverpaid white-label solution is easy


Explain to us what you need and we show you how it works.


Choose which white-label solution works best for you.


Get access to our platform or integrate in your system and test the solution.

Go Live!

When everything works as expected, you can start paying carriers through cleverpaid.

Time is money.

Contact us directly and get all the information you need.

We will get back to you as quickly as possible.
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